19 March 2014

These are a few of my favorite things..!

Someone recently asked what is my favorite project I've ever worked on.  That's too difficult to answer as I have dozens of campaigns I am so proud of.  Here are three that are top of mind...

1. SnapTax by TurboTax
With the new product launch of the first-ever way to do your taxes on a smartphone I felt marketing needed to step-up and make the app developers proud and do justice to an amazing product  We produced this online video (and I negotiated the music rights) that was so well-received we also aired aired this as national brand advertising on primetime television.  The SnapTax app debuted as one of the most popular paid apps with millions of downloads in a short tax-time window - and culminated in the lead developer giving me a bear-hug as she said she couldn't have imagined such a wonderful ad.

2.  LifeLock's new Brand Positioning
I started as the new CMO in July 2013 and was challenged to change the brand from fear-based marketing to "peace of mind" and something a much broader-based group of consumers would love.  Within 5 months we conducted extensive research, onboarded a new agency and produced 6 spots that encourage folks to Life Your Life Freely in an always Connected World.  I hired comic actor Rob Riggle for VO and the spots are testing through the roof. This represents a foundational change to now reach a huge addressable market that have shared values.

3. Small Business Big Game - a Never-Been-Done before Super Bowl concept!

This was one of (if not the) biggest social media campaign in SMB history culminating in one lucky small business winning 30 seconds of glory.  I drove the concept, development and sold this into the company to donate our first-ever Super Bowl ad buy to a lucky small business owner in 2014.  What made this so exciting is the team crushed the lofty business goals.  One metric was to try and surpass 3 Billion earned media impressions (QuickBooks typically gets 1 Billion/year).  I am proud to say this campaign received over 20 Billion earned media impressions!)

I hired Bill Rancic (from The Apprentice) and football's Jimmy Johnson to help promote the cause:
I'm extremely proud of my last (and largest) marketing campaign at Intuit. Check out the highlight reel!

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