10 February 2010

TurboTax Campaign Highlights

NBC/TurboTax Treasure Hunt - Purchased entire 3-hour prime-time national TV spots
TurboTax is your Step-by-Step Guide to the Grammy Awards!
NBCU 2011 Custom X-Channel Campaign
Chris Berman on the JumboTron Click on "Full Experience"
First ever AOL Logo Integration
The Tax Rap hosted by Vanilla Ice
The Tax Laugh
hosted by Jay Mohr
NBC Custom Spots driving to our Social Campaigns
SuperStatus Contest
- Grand scale social media contest/"experiment"
First ever Twitter/Google feed syndicated ad
Ping Pong & Taxes Made Easy
TurboTax Social Media Highlight Reel
Freeloader Nation via MySpace Secret Shows
NBC Custom Prime Time TV Spots driving to Online
TurboTron (Superbowl) & (March Madness)- click "Full Experience"
FreeLoader Nation ft. Tay Zonday (over 1M video views)

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