23 September 2009

An Incredible New York Night!

I was fortunate to be invited to join Tim Armstrong, AOL & 40 fellow marketers to a private dinner/concert on a hidden rooftop above 30 Rock. Here is some footage from my iPhone:

22 September 2009

Intuit wins a record 3 OMMA Awards!

Last night at the annual Advertising Week conference in NY, Intuit was recognized as an industry leader during the Online Marketing and Media Association Awards, winning in three separate categories:

1. Rich Media: Single Execution – TurboTron
Of note, we beat out both Mercedes-Benz and Toyota which is an accomplishment compared to advertisers who are able to do some crazy amazing creatives particularly because the automotive category is not held to direct ROI and they are working with massive display budgets

2. Social: Best Use of Widget – SuperStatus
We beat two entertainment giant brands, Disney and HBO. Wow!

3. Best Financial Services Integrated Online Media Campaign – TurboTax
We had formidable opponents (with much larger media budgets) Visa and Nationwide

Also of note was Mint.com winning for Best Blog

See the full list of winners and examples

See the full list of nominees

19 September 2009

Seth Greenberg - Biography

Seth Greenberg, Vice President, Global Media & Digital Marketing, Intuit

Visual Resume
Blog http://www.sethgreenberg.com/
Email: seth@sethgreenberg.com
Twitter: @sethg


Seth is responsible for bringing a “One Intuit” strategic approach to the traditional, digital and emerging media marketplace to accelerate growth, improve efficiencies and increase innovation for impact across the company which includes TurboTax, QuickBooks, Quicken and Mint by taking a holistic view of how Intuit invests and executes a substantial multi-channel media spend.

Additionally, Seth leads the digital marketing team (i.e. TurboTax display, social, mobile, paid & organic search, affiliates, analytics), His team also focuses on uncovering "NBDs" (Never Been Done) new opportunities in Emerging Media and platforms like mobile, gaming, digital out of home and social media. One of his team's most recent social efforts http://www.friendslikeyou.com/   collected over 90,000 customer reviews in just a few months and utilized what Greenberg coined "Friendcasting" to enable users to hyper-segment reviews for relevancy and share with their social networks.

In June 2011 Seth was named to Top 25 Digital Marketers and prior in Top 25 list of Internet Marketing Leaders and Innovators -   In August 2009 Seth was recipient of the Intuit Scott Cook Innovation Award. In August 2008 Seth was recipient of the Intuit CEO Leadership Award.

With over fifteen years experience in Internet Marketing and Sales positions, Seth has worked at start-ups and Fortune 500 companies and prides himself on his ability to execute strategies regardless of budget. He is passionate about learning, leading and building great teams, has provided solid ROI and consistent year-over-year growth in traffic, revenue and profits.

Seth attended Film School at Loyola Marymount and Graduate Film School at the American Film Institute. He left a career in the entertainment industry, most recently as a talent agent representing writers and directors to start his internet journey in 1996 in search engine optimization.

Seth currently serves on the Proctor & Gamble Digital Advisory Board, AdAge Media Advisory Board, ComScore Cross-Media Advisory Board and formerly a Board of Director of Shop.org.

A native of Los Angeles Seth loves reading, movies and basketball and can usually be found with his wife and two young boys at Legoland, the Zoo and shepherding his sons between tennis lessons, soccer, and hoops games.

13 August 2009

Mark Cuban - Blog Maverick!

My latest guilty pleasure is reading Mark Cuban's blog. Not just because I'm passionate about hoops (though he rarely blogs about basketball), but mainly because the guy is a self-made success. He's got common-sense (which is very underrated) and cajones to speak his mind. I subscribe to his BlogMaverick.com via my Kindle. His most recent rant on business models is excellent.

11 July 2009

24 June 2009


I am very proud of my team and the colleagues and partners who worked REALLY hard and smarter than ever this year to bring several innovations to market. Business results and industry recognition is following the action. Here is some coverage:

ClickZ - How TurboTax is Making Reviews Relevant
WebProNews - How a big company does Social Marketing
iMedia 25 - Internet Marketing Leaders and Innovators
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Facebook Drives more Online Users than Google
BrandWeek - Intuit Program combines Reviews & Social Networking
Advertising Age - TurboTax wins in Social Media, Display & more!
ADWEEK - TurboTax first in AOL History to Morph AOL Logo (example)
Forbes - Best Overall Social Commerce Program: TurboTax
All Things Digital TurboTax first to stream Twitter/Google 900+ articles
MarketingSherpa - Case Study on how TurboTax increased Twitter followers
Video Interview - Social Can Drive Revenue

08 June 2009

Turning the tables on Marketers

I was on a panel today at the iMedia Brand Summit with marketers from Taco Bell, Kaiser Permanente, A&E Television and Black & Decker. While the panel was to share "Marketers Needs" to the audience (primarily made up of publishers and agencies), I thought the most interesting question from he audience was one that turned the tables..."Why do Marketers Make It Hard On Agencies and Publishers."

I think that while marketers demand "best in class", integrated campaigns and leading edge social media executions, many (or most) of us aren't ready from the client-side to deliver on our half of the proposition. Easy to say "bring it on", but many marketers are stuck in their ways and aren't evolving as fast as they'd like.

09 May 2009

Brand Fast Tracker Interview April 09

I was flattered to be included for this series. Brian Martin has interviewed an impressive list of marketers and thought leaders in brand advertising.
You can click the arrow below to start the podcast or the link above to learn more hear his other interviews.

07 May 2009

Socialism vs. Capitalism

A certain well respected ANALyst called out one of our campaigns, "when you can't earn 'em, buy 'em".

Got my juices flowing because he was right, but had the wrong campaign! SuperStatus was the one we were trying to shove $150K worth of prizes down the Social funnel and see what might happen. Syndicating our Twitter feed was just that.

Speaking @

05 May 2009

Radio Daze - True Story

Real-life sample of the strangest job you've never heard (until now)

Back in the early 90's, I was supposed to be writing screenplays but stumbled upon a stranger world and devoted 110% of my time to WINNING RADIO CONTESTS.

I discovered persistence, dialing strategies and creativity were ingredients that catapulted me to the top of my new and bizarre profession. I put all my energies into this endeavor and was able to win over $140,000 in cash and prizes over a 14 month period.

In between contests, to keep sharp, I would call in and "bother" the DJs. Here are just a few of the highlights from my radio daze.

The funny thing is that I discovered a group of around 10 other contest obsessed folks who became my competition. We developed fraternity-type rivalries as we were all vying for the same cash & prizes, and would compare notes as we enjoyed our spoils all seated on the floor of a Lakers game, same row at a movie premiere or new restaurant opening and would swap stories, strategies and tactics.

Click the Arrow for Radio Contest Clips:

The clips you can hear from this page are one hour of over 20 hours of tape. My conversion rate in terms of winning was 1% so it wasn't as exciting as it plays.

We developed friendly rivalries, for example if Rick Dees was giving away a crappy prize (like a dozen roses), I would call up and win the contest using one of the other professional contestant's names, thus making him ineligible to claim a prize under his own name for 30 days. Crazy/fun stuff like that to alleviate the slow times and brush up on my techniques.

In the News:
My Approach:
Winning radio contests was extremely hard work. I recently read the book and did the “Discover Your Inner Strengths” exercise, and it’s fascinating how my top 5 strengths (Achiever, Competition, Focus, Self Confidence and Learner) provided me with the foundation and approach to deal with this challenge.

To be successful at winning radio contests required all five of my inner strengths, which manifested into key strategies:
1. Wall chart with radio station down the left side and time of day across the top. Consistent documentation of when contests would be conducted.
2. Visiting and taking tours of the stations and soaking in everything from which trivia books are on the shelf (I would immediately go to Borders and buy the same material), to requesting play lists with commercial breaks to learn various patterns by station.
3. Perfecting a method to improve my chances of getting through at the right time. While each of my competitors had their own "superpowers", i.e. one was a writer on Jeopardy, another used technology called a "demon dialer", others had 10 phone lines or more, I realized I was more effective with two phone lines and manually dialing in using Pac Bell's speed dial feature. If I had a phone ringing into a station before the contest started (because I knew when the contests would be played), I was almost always the wrong caller (too early). If they were looking for caller 102 and I was caller 5, they would hang up on me (line one). I would NOT hang up line one, and had 30 seconds of "controlling" the dead line before it was released to all the other callers. Simultaneously, I would pick up my second phone line and dial the station and right before it was going to result in a busy signal, I would quickly hang up line one, thus releasing that dead line and reclaiming it on line two. A voice would pick up and say "You're caller 16, hang up and try again". I would simply repeat the process until I was one of the final flashing lights on the phone board, with a real chance to be the actual caller.

How I got started:
I was a literary agent representing writers and directors and selling their screenplays for a LOT of money. I decided to stop being an agent and join my clients in playing the literary "lotto" game of writing spec scripts. Procrastinating (or what writer's call "brainstorming") is a routine part of the creative process. I remember during one of my brainstorming sessions I had the radio on and KROQ was giving away front row tickets to Oingo Boingo (Danny Elfman's old band). They were looking for the 36th caller. I had no clue what I was doing but picked up the phone and tried to win tickets. To my amazement I was the right caller and won. I remember being more interested in talking to the intern about "How" did I win then the actual prize. She told me they had 6 phone lines, two in 213 area code, two in 714 and two in 818. I was caller 36 which meant I was on "Valley Two". I realized I could divide the winning caller number by six and focus on the line they would probably pick up to increase my odds. This was just the start of a 14 month run and much bigger prizes like a Mazda Media, $10k cash, numerous trips around the world etc...

Why I stopped:
Winning radio contests is not an annuity. Like a home run hitter, you get no credit for your past achievements. In the mid-90's a friend of mine who ran marketing for Daily Variety's variety.com was hiring a search engine optimization company. This was the early days and there wasn't anyone with direct experience. SEO company Word of Net was looking for their first employee to get their clients ranked in the Top 5 in search results in Hotbot, Lycos, AltaVista etc. When they explained the perfect type of person to be successful in this new service, attributes included "loves cat & mouse type games", "persistent", "thrives in challenging and competitive environments." Over lunch my friend at Variety told them, "My friend Seth Greenberg is at home winning radio contests right now as we speak. You need to get him on board immediately." That was my foray into Internet Marketing.

My Present and Future - Interactive Marketing:
I've found a dynamic medium that I am passionate about, keeps me challenged, and loving my job. I realize how fortunate I am to have a day job that allows me to be immersed in new media marketing, especially when I find myself up late at night continuously learning about this great channel...with no desire to listen to the radio while I work :)